Monday, September 12, 2011

'O'h My G'O'D !

'O'h My G'O'D !
F'O'ur Airplanes insanely planed
Tw'o' targeted N'o'rth S'o'uth towers;
Pentag'o'n missed the Capit'o'l Hill
Savi'o'rs matted so did val'O'ur !
10 Yr's of terror at it's Zenith ?
'O'sama 'O'bama !
Y'O'rk ! Ger'O'nim'O' !
Hell & Deliverance ;

'O'peration Enduring Freed'o'm!
Saw many a Iraq Abb'O'bttabad !
Many a places where t'o'rn asunder
Taj Indian pride Hit
Even Parliament courts
B'O'mbay W'O'rld Wide;
Inn'O'cent life t'O'rn apart;
Life's were l'O'st ???
Life is dear urs or mine ;
Dear ones parted,
Most at fr'Ont !
Some at h'O'me ?

Ground ' O ' n'o'pe,
Life ' O ' never,
Faith ' O ' nay !
All high,
Result ' O ' still will arrive !

Sh'o'uts of radicalism endangered ears deaf !!
Humanity let U survive
Terr'O'r of all wars;
'O' !!!!!
H'O'mage to citizens of w'Orld ,
For ur sacrifice ?

Let's all pledge !
N'o' Bl'o'o'd fl'o'w in vain ,
G'o'es f'o'r drain;
Let's all plead pledge pray
All gr'O'unds will be triumph
'O' Humanity will survive
'O' Humanity will survive

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